Bible Devotions

God’s Plans Prevail

on January 30, 2009

The chosen path through which God’s promise would come sometimes have what seems like delays.  Sarah waited 15 years after God said she would have a son.  Rebekah waited 20 years for a child.

I wonder if God did it this way so we would know it was Him orchestrating it. As humans we tend to have short memory spans.  We also tend to expect immediate results.  God doesn’t work like that.  He remembers all His promises and He delivers on those promises in a time pleasing to Him.

Sarah being in her 80s or 90s was still childless and knew it was not possible to conceive a child.  Her body was long past child baring years.  She, no doubt, was in menopause.  No periods means no eggs were produced.  Without an egg how can male sperm fertilize it to produce life?  Therefore, Sarah had given up on the idea of being a mother.

Sarah hears from Abraham they are to have a son.  Sarah thinks it won’t be from me, so she has her servant become a surrogate.  The servant has a son who grows.  When this son is 14 years old, God comes again saying, “No, Sarah will have a son and you will name him Isaac.”

Now fast forward to Isaac, who marries Rebekah.  They are married for 20 years and Rebekah hasn’t had a child yet.  Rebekah probably felt a lot like Sarah had – hopeless.  She probably had written off the idea of having children too! Then God tells her she will have not one but two nations come from.

What seems like a delay to us is really part of God’s plan.  These delays seem to reveal who is really in charge – God.  Even when we try to take matters into our own hands, like Sarah did, it doesn’t thwart God’s plans.

Is there something God has told you about that you are still waiting to happen?  Don’t give up.  Remember if it’s God’s will you can rest assured it will come to pass exactly when He wants it to.

Jesus Christ, Lord Almighty, you know the plans you have for us.  You know exactly when your will is going to be accomplished.  Help us to rely on your faithfulness.  Forgive us when we try to make your promises come true by our own efforts.  Lord we want your will and not ours to be done.  In your precious name we pray. Amen.

©Elizabeth Marks has led small group Bible studies for almost a decade. Author of and websites she has a heart for encouraging others with God’s Word.


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