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How Worshipful is Your Small Group?

There are many ways to worship. You might think about selecting a certain praise & worship song to play at the beginning of your small group time. If you do, bring the song lyrics as well. If you don’t  have the lyrics, you can always find them on the internet. Open an internet browser, in the search box, type in “free lyrics for artist name song title”.

Play the song on a portable stereo or on your computer. Pass out lyrics and allow the group to sing aloud if they want to. Encourage everyone that it’s not the quality of our voice that counts, but that we make “a joyous noise unto the Lord.”

Another way to worship is to have the group think of the multifaceted characteristics of God. There’s a little game I play with my group that works out real nicely. It’s called Worship ABC. Using the alphabet, we think of a characteristic of God for each letter of the alphabet. Start with A. Have everyone think of something starting with “A”. You might start the conversation with something like, “I thank you God, for being All-Knowing.” Go around the room until no one can think of anymore “A” characteristic, then switch to “B.” Repeat this until you finish the alphabet. It’s fun. Just watch how the Spirit does the prompting!

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How to Decide What Your Next Bible Study Should Be

How does your small group decide what Bible Study to do next?

There are many ways to select a study.For example, you could choose a specific book of the Bible to study inductively all the way through. If you are not familiar with inductive method, you might consider using ThinkOnIt Bible Participation Puzzle. It is a helpful study puzzle that teaches the inductive study method in a fun, non-threatening way.

Another suggestion is to choose a topic and study what the Bible says about that topic. Some people like to read topical devotions in small groups. Topics like the fruit of the Spirit or the armor of God or Proverb 31 Woman are all great choices.

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