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Complaining Leads to Trouble

on May 18, 2011

This weekend was especially trying for me.  While it’s that time of month for me right now, that means I’m very low on energy and prone to grumpiness.  This is an area I need to continue to turn over to God and ask His help to be patient and kind when I’m not feeling 100%.   There’s just something difficult about focusing on others when I, myself, feel so terrible.  But that’s what He calls us to do. 



On top of that, my 2 year old son’s cough got worse over the weekend.  I struggle spirituality when my child is ill.  Oh how I pray (or beg) for his healing and speedy recovery.  But the worry and concern still overwhelm me.  I feel so out of control (of course I know I am) but God is in control and He will care for my son.  This I know by faith, but it’s still hard.



When my son was down for a nap, a snuck out for a quick haircut, knowing this was the best time to try.  What a mistake!  It turned out my normal hairdresser (who knows how to do my hair just right) is on a 6 week long vacation to
Vietnam!  I really needed a hair cut, so I let someone else cut it.  The bad news is I now have really short hair!  The good news is I probably won’t need another haircut until Richard, my hairdresser, returns from his trip! 



Later I decided to make grill cheese sandwiches for lunch.  One of the burners on my stove got stuck in the High position and burned one of the sandwiches to a crisp!  Oh how that sent my mind my on the grumbling path.  In my mind, I began complaining big time.  Look at everything I was going through already.  I just wanted to make my kids some lunch and even that is ruined.  Thankfully, I was able, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to stop myself.  I asked for God’s forgiveness and thanked Him for His faithfulness. 



Have you ever had a day, where everything just seemed to going terribly?  This was my weekend.  You know what?  God was with me, even in the midst of my immature grumbling. 



For example, after I plugged in a Vegitable Tales tape for my son and started folding some laundry, I couldn’t help notice the topic of the video what about becoming a “seed of discontent”.  The whole episode was about how complaining spreads to everyone around us and how God calls us to do everything as if we’re doing it for Him, so we shine brightly as stars in this dark world.  Boy, did that hit home!  I was just complaining over the burned sandwich and bad haircut.  Chuckle, chuckle.  It’s just like God to use a child’s video to show the right way and remind me to choose the better path. 



Later while reading from Sacred Marriage book by Gary Thomas, the reoccurring theme was to “die to self” by putting aside your desires, wishes, wants and focus on meeting the need of your spouse.  The message resonated with me.  Was I “dying to self” this weekend?  No I wasn’t.  I was too busy stewing in my own misery.  How easily it is to get stuck there.  But here we have warning number two, just the same. 



Sunday rolls around and I was really looking forward to going to church.  After all it’s been a rough weekend.  However, my husband had other plans that I had to yield to.  My car needed service, so we had to be at the mechanics the same time I would have normally gone to church. Argh!  Watch out, here comes the grumbling and complaining again! 



When we got home, I decided to login to watch church on-line.  Guess what the message was on?  How God tests our faith.  That’s right, a topic totally appropriate for me at the moment.  The first way He tests our faith is through difficulties.  Really? The lesson: To live by faith, I must learn to trust God’s in control.  The second way He tests our faith is through demands.  The lesson:  To live by faith, I must learn to obey immediately.  Another way He tests our faith is through delays.  The lesson:  To live by faith, I must learn to wait patiently. 



Can you believe it?  It’s like He tailored the message to speak directly to me!  The question is “What am I going to do about it?” Will I listen and learn to apply these things?  Or will I continue down the complaining path? 



All things occur for a reason and usually to help us grow in Christ-like character.  We have a choice to make in every situation.  Do we allow the situation to make us bitter?  Or do we choose to become better and walk God’s way through the situation? 



The first step is acknowledging these “trials” of life have a purpose.  The next step is turning to God and asking for His wisdom on how to handle them.  The final step is continuing to be obedient to what God’s tells us to do. 



Where are you today?  How do you handle the trials of life?  It’s never too late to learn how to respond differently.  Ask God and He’ll gladly show you the way.


Lord, thank you for always being with us.  Thank you for showing us the right way to respond to life’s trials.  Help us to keep you in focus at all times.  Enable us to “die to self” and focus on meeting the needs of those around us.  Help us realize our need for you, trust you are in control, learn to obey immediately and to wait patiently for your answers.  Thank you, Lord, you are not done with us yet.  In Jesus’ name Amen.

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3 responses to “Complaining Leads to Trouble

  1. cumby says:

    Whenever my grumbling and complaining reaches the whining stage, I invariably am brought back to the experience of the Israelites in the Wilderness and how God dealt with them because of it. It’s like a cold cup of water in my spirit and does the trick every time.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! You’ve reminded me to look beyond today and realize that God is ultimately in charge! Yes, of the big things as well as the little things.

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