Bible Devotions

God is so Good

on May 24, 2011

Read Psalm 107

There is a definite pattern displayed in this psalm. I have experienced first hand, and you probably have too if you were to stop long enough to consider it.

The first pattern is regarding men. By men I don’t mean the male variety. Rather I mean all people, male, and female, young and old alike. People are thankless. They are determined to go their own way, no matter the consequence. When they finally had enough pain, suffering, disappointment, their time has already been long gone.

It is quite sad really. Never recognizing how good we have it until terrible events threaten our well being. Why must it come to this? Why must we learn the hard way? It is because of our sinful nature. The Bible tells we were born in sin, all have gone astray, not one is good and no one really seeks God.

So we see this repeated pattern of man- denying his Maker, deliberately living apart from God’s ways and reaping the negative consequences.

There is another pattern at work in this psalm. This too I have seen over and over again in my life, as you no doubt have. This second pattern shows off God’s character- The Lord of Mercy. As man falls into depravity and cries out, who is there to rescue him? None other than the Lord Most High. The Redeemer. God Himself.

If you were to read this psalm again keeping a watchful eye on all the God does, you would find God rescues every time. Not some of the time, but every time. No matter how many times he has saved before, he still comes to our aid. Over and over again, his mercy endures forever.

Look at his good deeds. He redeems us from our enemy. He delievers us out of our distresses. He leads us by the right way. He satisfies our longings. He saves us from trouble. He brakes the chains that bind us. With his word he heals us. He guides us. He turns the wilderness into pools of water. He blesses us greatly.

Why does he do it? Because God is love. Love acts. He is true, right and pure. He made us. He knows what is best for us. He knows our nature. He knows we can not save our self, no he does it for us. He sent his Son, Jesus to die in our place that we might live in Him. He sealed us in his grace.

He grants us enternal life and power to live our life here and now. He is with us and will never leave us. He is awesomely good.

Have you ever chronicled your life as this psalm did? If you did, I’m sure you would come to the same conclusion – we are mere dust, but God is mighty to save.

O glorious God, you are might to save. Thank you for loving us so tenderly. Thank you for saving us when we did not deserve it. Thank you for making it possible to live a godly life until you return for us.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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