Bible Devotions

Unexpected Deliverer – From the least likely

on May 26, 2011

Read Joshua 2

God uses the least likely people to carry out his plans. Rehab was a harlot in city of Jericho. She was probably tired of her lifestyle and feeling trapped with no hope. Until two men show up who are different from all of the other men who visited her.

The whole city had been terrified of the children of Israel. They had heard how they wiped out other kings & cities on other side of the Jordan. She knew, if caught, these men would be killed. Some how she knew these men were chosen by God. Knowing they were God’s people compelled her to hide them.

Perhaps this was Rehab’s chance at a new life. These men brought hope to the hopeless Rehab. God had been preparing her heart for this day. She had to protect these men. Perhaps they would spare her and her family.

So she hid the spies, helped them sneak out of the city undetected and instructed them where to hide until the search party had returned. As they prepared to go, Rehab boldly asked the men of Israel to swear to save her & her household when they return. They agreed, if a scarlet cord is hung in the window then all who stayed in the house would be saved. Anyone found outside the house would be killed.

Desparation and certain destruction compelled rehab to act in faith. She laid her own life on the line to save the spies. Now, she waited to see if she would be delivered.

God honored Rehab, for her heart was right. The spies returned, captured the city and wiped everyone out, except for Rehab and her family.

Are you inside God’s house? If not, would you like to be saved from certain destruction? Ask Jesus to save you and he will as he saved Rehab.

Father, thank you for always making a way to salvation.  Thank you for saving those least likely to be saved.  Open our hearts to receive you this day. In Jesus’ name Amen.

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