Bible Devotions

The Good Samaritan

on July 1, 2011

Luke 10:25-37 NKJV tells us the parable of the Good Samaritan.  Jesus used this parable to teach us the meaning of ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’   


One weekend my husband, Steve, became the Good Samaritan quite literally.  He was on his way to the store, when we noticed an elderly woman trip and fall in the parking lot.  He went over to see if he could help and noticed she had a pretty nasty gash on her forehead.  He helped her sit up and asked if she was okay.  To which she replied, “Ouch my arm, my arm, I can’t move my arm.  I can’t do this.  I wish I would just die.”   


Obviously, she was in a lot of pain, but my husband was calm as well as firm with her.  “Calm down, you’re going to be alright.  What’s your name?”   


“Adi” she responded. 


“Do you have a doctor I can call for you?” he asked.    


“Yes, I think I have his card in my purse. Ah, here it is” she handed it to Steve. 


“Okay, wait here I’m going to get something from my car” he said.  Steve went over to his car and retrieved some paper towels he had in the glove box, hoping he could use them to stop the bleeding.   Meanwhile, he flagged down another customer in the parking lot and asked him to go get the store security personnel.  Steve dialed the number to her doctor but only received an answering machine.   


The woman looked to be near eighty years old and she was by herself.  Pressing the napkins against her forehead Steve asked “Do you have any family members I can call for you?”   


She replied “No.  I live alone.  My children are in
New York.” 


“It’s okay.  The store medical team is here.  They’re going to check you over.”  Steve reassured her.   


Within a few minutes 911 was called and an ambulance arrived shortly after.  They informed my husband of the hospital where they were taking her.   Steve was happy she had someone helping her, but he couldn’t leave it at that.  He just had to know she would get home safely, as she had no one to care for her.   He made the decision to give up his plans for the day and head towards the hospital.   


Acting as a surrogate son, Steve spoke with the doctor about the x-ray of the woman’s shoulder.  “It appears she may have broken her shoulder cap” the doctor said.  “Sometimes this requires surgery, other times it heals okay by using a sling” he continued.   “Well, prepare it with a sling and give her something for the pain.  On Monday, she can see her regular doctor to get his opinion.”   


During the stay at the hospital, Steve discovered Adi was staying at a convalescence home in a neighboring city, which was a relief.  He was wondering how this poor woman would manage without the use of one of her arms.  At least at the home she would have assistance.   


Adi being quite embarrassed by all this says “You should go home, young man. It’s Saturday, he have a family and things to do.”   


Steve replied “It’s okay.  I just want to make sure you get home alright.  Can I drive you home?”   


“No.  Don’t worry about me” she told him rather adamantly.   The nurse mentioned she would arrange for transportation. 


“Alright I’ll go.  Here’s my card.  I’ve got my cell phone number on the back.  If you need anything please call me.  I’m only a city away for you.”  Steve reassured Adi. 


How would have you responded in this situation?  Thinking back to the Good Samaritan parable, would you be like the priest who passed by on the other side of the street?  Would you have been like the Levite who passed by but looked the other way.  Or would you have done what my husband did and stayed to help? 



My husband is a man of few words, but by this his love in action spoke volumes!  Are you willing to sacrifice your plans to help someone in need?  Or are you just too busy to notice others around you? 



Jesus encourages us to love others as we love ourselves.  If we were the one needing assistance, I’m sure we’d want someone to help us.  Therefore, let us love others not with mere words, but with action. 



Lord, thank you for the kind and compassionate heart you’ve given Steve.  Give us a heart like that too.  Help us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  Thank you for putting us where we can be most helpful.  Give us the eyes to see where to help and the courage to step out in faith and love to act on it.  In Jesus’ name Amen.  


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