Bible Devotions

Listening is Best

on July 6, 2011


How do we come to know God?  Reading His Word is a good place to start.  It’s packed full of stories, teachings and commands that outline who He is and who we are and how to live a truly blessed life.  I should know.  I lived 32 years without Him in my life.  I’ve lived through the consequences of my poor decisions.  I’ve lived long enough by my own self sufficiency’s and to see it in others.  It’s easy to point it out because it’s still in me.  However, after spending the over a decade studying God’s Word, reading it every day, it has started to take root in my heart.  The more I read God’s Word, the more His presence fills my very being ( Colossians 3:16 ) . 


God’s Word guides us back to the garden path towards God’s richly abundant life ( John 10:10 ).  While you may still have to face life’s trials, God provides the strength and comfort to go through them.   That abundant life He talks about in His Word is not a life without troubles.  But rather it’s an obedient life, which is to say when trouble comes, that person will listen to and obey God’s directions ( 1 Samuel 15:22 ).  He’s always teaching us along the way.  Gently leading us His way by giving us plenty of opportunities for us to make the decision to listen to His prompting or choose our own way. 


Let me give you a very practical example.  One day, I took my son to the skate park.  On the way, I was having this conversation with myself in mind.  It went something like this:

“Oh this park is so difficult to get to.”  (my voice)

“Go up the hill, park behind the building and take the stairs.” (God’s voice)

“But I don’t want to park up there, it’s too far to walk with James.” (my voice)

“Quit complaining; just make the U-turn at light.” (my voice) 

“Oh, I can’t look at the sign”.  (my voice)

“No worries, I make the left go up the street and U-turn there.”  (my voice)


After choosing to make the left and then the U-turn to reach the park’s parking lot, I find it’s full.  Argh!  When you exit the lot, you can only make a right hand turn and you guessed it at the next light you can’t make a U-turn.  I should have listened to God’s voice in the first place.  It would have been much quicker to just park in the upper lot and avoid the frustration of all those U-turns. 


God is with us every moment of every day.  He dwells right there in our heart.  If we quiet our self long enough we can hear Him giving us gentle reminders.  He’s there trying to lead you on the path that’s best for you.  Won’t you give Him a moment to show you? 


Lord, thank you for always being there and offering me the better choice.  Forgive me when I choose my way instead of your way.  In the end, I always find your way is the best.  Give me ears to hear you.  Give me a desire to obey you.  Help me avoid needless frustrations by listening to you in the first place.  In Jesus name. Amen.  

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