Bible Devotions

The Box

on July 29, 2011


There once were two girl friends who lived next to each other.  Every day they would meet together and talk about what God was doing in their lives.  One day each friend discovered a box on their porch.  They both ran to meet each other and talk about the box they found. 


The first girl said “Look I found this box on my porch.  Although it is empty, I will treasure this gift always.” The second girl said “I found a box too, but mine was empty.”


The second girl decided to leave the box on the porch in hopes that during the night someone would come and fill it up.  In the morning she was disappointed.  Same thing occurred the next day and the next day.  Always hoping someone would come and fill up the box and then disappointed because no one came.


The first girl, however, didn’t focus on how empty the box was.  She instead chose to fill up her box.  For example, in spring time she stored flowers in it, during summer she put sand and seashells, and in the winter she put fresh pine sprigs and pine cones, etc. Her box was always full and brought her joy.


Who was most fulfilled by the box?  I imagine the first girl number was more satisfied. 


The key to the story above is to know that the box represents your life and it’s up to you to decide what to put into your life.  You can either wait for something to happen or you can cause something to happen.  We are always presented with this choice.  Isn’t that a wonderful thing to know?  The choices we make can either hinder our life or improve our life. 


So which girl are you more like? 


The parable I paraphrased above comes from a book I’m reading:  The Heartache No One Sees by Shiela Walsh.  It’s a book about Christ’s promise of healing for a woman’s wounded heart.  I’m only on Chapter 9, but so far it’s been enlightening.  Each chapter has application points to consider and there’s a complete bible study at the end f the book.  I’m taking my time with this book.  Reading one chapter at a time, reflecting on what I read and answering the questions for further revelation.   I’ll share more as I progress.


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