Bible Devotions

Speak Openly to the World

on August 5, 2011

What good is God’s message of love and forgiveness if it is not shared with everyone?

In Mark 1:38 Jesus said “Let us go into the next towns that I may preach there also, because for this purpose I have come forth.”

Take a few minutes, right now, to scan one or more of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).Search for any reference of Jesus coming to or going to various places.In a short while, you will discover Jesus was always on the move.He shared His message at every stop and along the way. Jesus is our Teacher, our Example, and our Role Model.

Jesus was intentional all the time.He had a message to share.He let nothing hold Him back from proclaiming it.If He went from town to town sharing, we should too.We may not be called to travel to distant lands, like Jesus, but we have been called to convey God’s love in our areas of influence.So, wherever we find our self today is the place to share the message of Christ.Places like home, the supermarket, the post office, in the neighborhood, at the gym, in the office or on a plane.Everywhere we go, God’s message of Salvation goes to.

You might not recognize you are preaching His message, but you are just the same.As you live out your life obediently following Jesus, you shine.Let me give you an example.I am somewhat of a recycling zealot.If I see an empty plastic bottle on the ground or in the street I just have to stop to pick it up. At my church they turn plastic bottles into Bibles.When I found out we can be good stewards of the earth and send out God’s Word at the same time, well that was for me!I started out slowly collecting empty water bottles at the office.I told one or two co-workers about it.The next thing I knew, everyone at work knew I collect bottles for Bibles.Now, there are employees (believers and non-believers) dropping off their recycling for the sake of getting the Word out else just because they like me.In either case, God’s Word is getting out.

Even the bag I use for collecting the bottles becomes an opportunity to share.Inevitably, someone will ask further questions like “Oh, what are those bottles for?”, “What church do you go to?” “Have you ever been on a mission trip?”.When I answer, I am just being myself.It’s very relaxed and non-threatening. Sometimes this leads to inviting them to my Bible study or to church.

Are you sharing God’s love with others around you?If not, why?

Lord Jesus, you are love.Thank You for filling us with your Spirit enabling us to live out our lives in God honoring ways that share your love with others.In your name we pray, Amen.

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