Bible Devotions

Know Your Enemy’s Tricks

on August 8, 2011

When things are not going as you planned, or there’s more confusion than peace or fights keep breaking out for no necessary at all, or you can’t find your car keys to get to bible study or any other distracting thing is occurring, stop and think. 

We have an enemy who wants to seek, kill and destroy anything having to do with God and His will.  Let me give you some examples of how the enemy may stalk you.  I started a Beth Moore Breaking Free Bible Study this month.  The first step was getting to the church on a Thursday night to get connected with other women interested in a Thursday night study as well.  Here are few things that tried to slow me down:   I ended up working later than usual so now I was rushed and my husband and I (who rarely argue) had an argument.  The enemy was trying to get me frustrated due to lack of time and discouraged due to the argument with my husband.  However, as I drove to the church I could see exactly what he was trying to do.  What did I do?  I armored up!  That’s right I began praying Ephesians 6:10-20

Lord, thank you for having everything under control.  I ask for your protection as I put on your armor.  I put on the sturdy belt of truth around my waist.  I slip on the preparation of the gospel for my shoes.  I put on the helmet of salvation to guard my thoughts and give my confidence in your salvation.  I put on the breastplate of your righteousness to protect my heart.  I use my shield of faith, which enables me to extinguish the firey arrows aimed at me from the evil one.  Lastly I carry with me the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.  I stand firm not wavering because I know in You I am strong.  In Jesus’ name Amen.  

The second thing I did was praise God for who He is.  I thanked Him for knowing exactly who He wanted to attend this small group.  I thanked Him for the healing that would come from this study.  I simply became overwhelmed with joy at the potential spiritual growth about to occur through this small group study.   Our enemy hates it when we praise God.  He will flee from you when you submit to the Lord and resist the enemies lies (James 4:7). 

The next week we were to meet again on a Thursday for the first time as a small group.  I just got back from Mammoth so I only had one day to prepare.  I had to clean the carpet and the sofas, scrub the floors, do the laundry and plan something for my husband and young son to do while the bible study was going on.  (The enemy likes to cause us to fret over having much to do, so keep that in mind and don’t buy it!)  I also needed to get with the woman I was to borrow the DVD but for some reason she was not returning my calls or emails, so it was looking like we might have to start our lessons the following week.  I don’t know about you, but as a planner you want things to go smoothly.  Not having the DVD on our first night would not make for a good first impression but I was willing to give it a go if forced to. 

However, God prevailed.  As it turns out, she was out of town and that’s why she didn’t return my calls.  On the morning of the day we would meet, I finally connected with her and ended up picking up the DVD at lunch time.  (It didn’t give me time to review, but at least I had the video for group!)  During this whole time, the enemy was coming against me physically as well.  I have been experiencing very unpleasant intestinal pain the entire day on Thursday, the day of our first meeting.  I really felt awful, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from conducting this study no matter how bad it got.  It eventfully went away, when the enemy knew I wouldn’t give in to it. 

In the end everything turned out as it should but there were plenty of opportunities where I could have just lost it.  By being in constant pray with our Lord, I was able to hold it together and not stress all the details.

The next time you find yourself in a similar situation, remember to stop and think about how the enemy might be trying to get you to fall, fail or freak out.  Don’t buy into his deceits.  Instead, armor up!   


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