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Why Prayer is Important

on September 14, 2011

Have you ever had a close, intimate and satisfying relationship with someone you never talked to?  Of course you haven’t and it’s ridiculous to think it’s possible.  So why would we pretend to have a close relationship with God, without prayer? 


Prayer is communication with God.  Through prayer we offer our praise and worship to the One True God who deserves all praise.  Extolling all the virtues of God’s greatness helps us see life from His perspective.  It helps us see ourselves in proper relationship to Him.  We are His servants.  He is our God.


Prayer communication is a two way street.  We talk to God and He talks to us.  We don’t just bring our cares, worries, frustrations to Him.  But He speaks to us, revealing Him self to us through prayer.  There have been times when I puzzled over how a certain thing was going to work out in my life and through prayer God calmed my fear of uncertainty and answered my requests, further building my trust in Him.  He helps us recognize all things are possible when we believe Him.  He gives rest to those who seek Him wholeheartedly through prayer. 


Ephesians 1:17-20 NKJV records some powerful blessings that come through prayer.  

  • You receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him
  • Your eyes of your understanding being enlightened
  • You may know what is the hope of His calling
  • You understand the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints
  • You understand exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe


Prayer is a mighty piece of God’s armor we are called to use in our fight to remain victorious in this life.  Read Ephesians 6:10-20, paying close attention to verse 18.  After all the putting on of the various pieces of armor, Paul urges us to pray in the spirit always, being watchful with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints.  Why?  Because critical we stay connected to our power source.


How’s your prayer life?  Are you seeking to know God through prayer?  He’s waiting to talk with you?  Looking for peace that surpasses all understanding?  Look up to the One who can provide that peace, Jesus Christ. 


Lord Jesus thank you for hearing our prayers, calming our fears and speaking to us through prayer.  Thank you for giving us the spirit of wisdom, revelation and knowledge of God, greatness of your power and the hope of your calling through prayer.  Enable us to understand the riches of your glory and greatness of your power towards us. In Jesus name Amen.  

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14 responses to “Why Prayer is Important

  1. lots3456 says:

    I think this is write but you should say that is is important also to thank God for the day or to help us through the day.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Well, absolutely we should thank God for the day. He is after all the sustainer of all life! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Jamal says:

    yes you should thank god for all he has done for you an is still doing when we didn’t all way deserve it he still blessed us i thought of it like this what if god would treat us how we treat him where would we be because we is nothing with out god keep me in your prayers Michael Jamal Williams

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Michael Jamal Williams – you bring up an excellent point. If we thought about God treating us the way we treat Him, it should cause quite a stir. That’s the beauty of God’s grace! He gives us what we don’t deserve! Praise Him!

  5. Toney Ford says:

    This is a great writing. I am a man of prayer. But I am sorry to say that I don’t pray like I used to. I have been really trying to fet that communication back with God. I know he is waiting. This writing really helped a lot. Thanks

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Toney – Thanks for stopping by. Hope your prayer life is fuller and richer with each prayer. Continue seeking Him and you won’t regret it!

  7. Becky. says:

    Right, i have to do homework on why prayers are important to religious people, someone help me please?

  8. drwrl4jesus says:

    Prayer was important to our Lord. HE would rise early and pray (Mark 1:35). He taught prayer, modled it before the disciples and commanded us to pray. Thanks for your ministry & may our Lord continue to bless you.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    drwrl4jesus, thanks for reading our devotion. Hope you were encouraged. Keep coming back and thanks for your prayers for this ministry.

  10. Debbie says:

    Prayer is the most important part of God’s armor. Without a connection to the leader, we can be fully armed and go in the opposite direction of the battle. We will end up wondering in the wilderness. Through prayer, we learn to follow His lead. We learn to humble ourselves and listen to Him. Lots of people can quote scripture, even Satan can, but you cannot have a relationship with the Father without prayer. God honors our prayers! Praise God!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Debbie – you’re so right! Prayer is connection with God. With connection to Him we go astray. We need His direction. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are encouraged by His Word! God Bless!

  12. josephus says:

    Prayer serve as a commitment for future reaping of benefit.It is the back bone of achievement. without it christian are nothing but a roasted meat in the hand of the rulers of this world> Even we are told to pray witout seasons.Our supplication and thanksgiving can only be made known only by prayer!HALLELUJAH!

  13. Shiloh says:

    Love this.
    using it for my essay thankks

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