Bible Devotions

A Pattern for Prayer

on September 16, 2011

Psalm 89 is much too long for this short devotion.  However, if you read this psalm in it’s entirety you may start to see a pattern, as I did. 


Psalm 89:1-18 ascribes praise and worship to God.  The psalmist writes about how no one can compare to God and how God is creator of heaven and earth.  If you ever need some encouragement or a little extra faith, this section of scripture can help put your mind in the proper perspective by focusing on God.  That’s exactly how we should start out our prayers by focusing on all we know about our loving, merciful, and mighty God. 


Psalm 89:19-37 describes God speaking (or perhaps answering) the psalmist.  This section is all about what God has done and will do for His chosen one David and his descendants.  Looking at the “I have or I will…” statements He declares will give us great insight to the character of God:

  • I have given help to one who is mighty
  • I have exalted one chosen from the people
  • I have found My servant David
  • I have anointed him
  • I will beat down his foes before his face
  • I will set his hand over the seas
  • I will make him My firstborn
  • I will keep for him [My mercy] forever
  • I will make his seed endure forever
  • I will punish their transgression with the rod
  • I will not utterly take [My lovingkindness] from him
  • I have sworn by My holiness
  • I will not lie to David


God is the one who gives helps, lifts up a person, anoints, deals with your enemies, gives us responsibilities, adopts you into His family, corrects us when we when it and doesn’t lie.  Can you see yourself striving for some of those things?  Well, stop striving because it’s God who makes it happen. 


Psalm 89:38-51 outlines the cares, concerns and worries the psalmist had.  The psalmist struggled with how things appeared.  In his life he felt “cast off”, “renounced”, and “profaned.”   However, it’s okay to let these feelings flow freeing before God.  He is open to hearing our woes.  As the psalmist had no problem laying it out for God, we shouldn’t either.   


Psalm 89:52 closes with an accolade to God: Blessed be the Lord forevermore!  No matter what the situation looked like, the psalmist was going to trust God.  Ending the psalm this way is a good reminder to put our worries in proper relationship to God. 


Let’s review what this psalm’s pattern has highlighted:

1)      Begin our time with the Lord in praise and worship.  Focusing on who God is will help open our hearts and ears to hear Him.

2)      Listen when God speaks.  God is the one setting things in motion according to His plan and purposes.  He is in control.

3)      Lay out your concerns, fears and worries.  God can handle them.  But don’t stop there.

4)      Praise God for all He is doing, no matter what the situation looks like at the time.


Lord, thank you for your Word that shows us who you are and gives us a pattern to follow.  Thank you for being in control of all things and knowing the plan and purpose you have for us.  Enable us to come to you, praise you, release our worries to you and be strengthened by you.  In Jesus’ name Amen.  

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