Bible Devotions

Better Together

on October 24, 2011

Lately, it seems the Lord’s impressing upon me the need to work together as the body of Christ.  I took to a training class at my local church. One of the teaching aids was a puzzle piece. Everyone who attended received a puzzle piece. Alone one puzzle piece one cannot make out what the completed picture would look like. Even with many pieces, it still may be hard to see the completed picture.  It is not until all the pieces are engaged that the end vision is revealed.

Each of us believers is like a puzzle piece. Alone we can’t tell where we fit or what the end vision looks like.  As we come together, we begin to see a glimmer of the vision, but it is still not complete.  It won’t be fulfilled until the last believer is engaged.

My friend’s daughter performed in an abstract dance. One scene really got me thinking about this desire of coming together.  As I watched six performers weave, bob, bend, and flex, I was struck with how silly it would have looked if only one performer had been on the floor.  Together, all six of them, the pattern, the rhythm and the design made sense. It was only in the context of togetherness did it become clear what they were doing. Each dancer had a part but only when all dancers performed together did it make something beautiful.

And so it is with us. Each believer has a part to play in God’s wonderfully plan. Although we can’t see the final vision yet, as more of us come together the picture starts to take shape.  Until that time, we can look to Scriptures for guidance on what we should be doing to come together. Some indicators are looking at what Jesus taught and how the early church behaved.

There is one thing in common among all the teaching and the early church.  Do you know what it is? It is people helping people.  It’s all about loving others. When we do, we demonstrate Jesus to a lost world. Our love shines bright and draws people to Jesus.

How are you working with other believers to show Jesus’ love to others?

 Lord, thank you for designing us to need each other. Thank you for calling us together in one body in the Lord Jesus Christ. Guide us by your Holy Spirit to fulfill all you prepared for us. In His name we pray Amen.

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