Bible Devotions

Faith By Itself, If It Does Not Have Works Is Dead

on November 7, 2011

Read James 2

To have faith in Jesus means you will benefit from trusting Him. Others will benefit from your faith as well. How so you might ask. As Christ in us works to conform us into His image we begin to think and act like Him. We become other centered. We serve others.

Our old self absorbed way begins melting away and a new helpful person grows in its place. What used to preoccupy us doesn’t any longer.  Instead ways to help others and meet needs of others fill our minds which keeps our hands and feet busy.

Employers benefit as a Christ-centered employee does their work with excellence, working as unto the Lord rather than mere man.  Our children benefit as we no longer let them drift through life, but come along side them teaching them the path of righteousness. Helping them treat others as they want to be treated can transform relationships in schools.  Our marriages benefit as we learn to submit to one another as unto the Lord. We come to marriage with pure wholesome motives of service and love rather than demanding our own needs be met first. Our communities benefit as Christians come together for good of our neighbors. Helping others where they can, organizing help for others when their need is greater than their capability to meet it.

Even people on the other side of the world benefit from faith of one person here in the United States of America. One person of faith can sponsor a child through World Vision or Compassion to bring hope to a child living in poverty. One person of faith can pray for people in other nations thus causing change and ushering in God’s will.

If faith doesn’t result in some outward change, is it really faith at all?

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