Bible Devotions

Seven Examples of How Jesus Helps Me

on February 7, 2012

  1. In the workplace, I received a task I knew not how to do. I sat horrified of failing, but not knowing who could help me finish the task. In desperation, I prayed, “Lord help me!” The next moment I saw my fingers typing away doing what I doing know how to do. The Holy Spirit did the work for me! God knows how!
  2. At home, my husband was installing a ceiling fan. I walked into the room to see how it was going. I noticed a flange was upside down. My pre-Christ self would have pointed it out quickly in order to save time and be more efficient.  But now I felt the Lord telling me to hold my tongue and allow my husband the opportunity to discover the upside down item on his own.  I reached up, without saying a thing, to hold the unit while he did the wiring. Guess what? He figured out the flange was upside down and fixed it on his own. Had I not yielded to the Spirit, I would have dishonored my husband, robbed him of his manhood and stolen an opportunity for him to grow. God cares about relationships!
  3. At bedtime, my young son and I read stories. One night I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open. So we prayed for God to keep me awake long enough to read to my son. Sure enough God answered that prayer. You see we read the Bible before bed every night no matter what.  It’s God’s will for children to know Him. He gave me the strength I needed to accomplish His purpose. God’s strength is like no other!
  4. Lost things can be frustrating. One very early morning my husband couldn’t find his glasses. We searched the whole house, even in the garage and in the car but still couldn’t find them.  As the tension mounted and clocked ticked closer to being late for work, I stopped and asked the Lord to help us find them. No sooner did I finish the prayer, when I saw the glasses appear on the stove! God’s help works!
  5. When I felt compelled to tithe, my husband wasn’t ready to do so. I started to tithe anyway and setup automatic deduction from my paycheck.  As the date approached for the first deduction to show up on my paystub, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to tell my husband what I had done. I didn’t want to do. I struggled internally for a bit but finally was obedient.  I shared my plan to tithe with my husband and why it was important to show God how much I trust him through tithing. However, he responded as I thought he would, with a big fat “No! It’s not a good time.” So I honored his decision and cancelled the automatic deduction to tithe. Less than one week later, my husband changed his mind and allowed me to start tithing!  God’s way is always best!
  6. Answered prayer is another way Jesus works in me. I have several notebooks filled with prayers and their answers. As I write out my prayers many times the answers come flowing out of my pen! These journals filled with prayers are a treasure trove of God’s faithfulness, his compassion towards me.  When I need encouragement I just read a few of these answered prayers and it always makes me smile. God is so precious!
  7. His word is a directional guide. Not only do I gain wisdom revealed in His word when I make time to read and study it, but He makes sure I get what He intends. When a particular verse stands out to me, I will encounter it three or four times throughout the day, without even trying.  It might be sung on the radio. I might read a devotion and discover the verse appears. I might hear it being taught by a radio pastor. These are clear signs He is speaking to me.  God is so personal!


There are many more ways Jesus helps me but these I shared because I thought they might be encouraging to you. Can you add to this list?  How specifically does Jesus help you?  Please add your own comment below.

Let the people praise Him!

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2 responses to “Seven Examples of How Jesus Helps Me

  1. Rae says:

    Jesus has played a huge part in the re-connecting of my family and I over the past 6 months. There are so many examples of how he’s helped us through the tough, humbling times we’ve been facing, but one in particular I am always excited to share with others. My mother, brother, sister and I had all lived in the same home for 15 years until the owner decided to sell it. With less than 2 months to figure out where we were going, come up with a first, last and deposit (we haven’t had to do the rental process in over a decade!) pack 15 yrs worth of stuff we’ve accumulated and a 120lb marshmallow of a pit-bull keeping us from securing a rental, we were forced to move into a motel. There was one wknd where our funds had finally just ran out. We were to be out of our room noon the next day and had nowhere to go. I prayed that night. As did my sister and mother that somehow, God would provide us with a roof over our head. The next morning as my sister was walking our dog, a woman driving around the parking lot approached her seeing she was visibly upset. She asked what was wrong and my sister, hesitant to talk to this stranger, told her she was upset because our family had to be out at noon and we had no place to go. She also asks the woman if she is lost or looking for someone since she is just driving around the lot. The woman tells my sister that she is in fact looking for someone. That morning God had laid heavily on her heart to drive to a motel and find someone in need and help them. That was exactly what she did and my sister was the first person she had seen. Without any more questions, she walks to our room with my sister and hands us enough money to pay for our room for the entire next month. Complete stranger – She won’t tell us her name, just that she was sent to help us and with that she was gone. This was just 2 months ago and every time I have a chance to share it, I cry like it happened this morning. The Lord IS Great!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Rae – thanks for sharing how God uses people to answer prayers! He works in many wonderful ways.

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