Bible Devotions

Revelation is Worth the Wait

on February 13, 2012

While reading the Bible one morning, nothing happened at first. Typically, I will experience an “Ah ha” moment. The moment where I know there is something I need to learn from the passage. But that moment didn’t come.

Sometimes it is silent. Read a passage and hear no nudging of the Spirit. It was this way on the morning I’ve described. As I sat and thought about the verse, my mind was blank. Literally, nothing came to mind. I could not figure out what I was to do with the verse or whether there was anything specific in it directed for me and my situation.

Some verses are not us. Then again a lot of them are. This silent verse proved to be for me in the end.  But I had to wait for it.

I’m not talking about waiting days, weeks, months, or years for the verse to speak to me. But I did have to wait a few minutes. I had to wait long enough to see if I would give up on the search and become frustrated with the nothingness that resonated from the verse.

I sat there pondering the character, thinking how his situation could related to mine. I tried imagining what my life would be like in his shoes. Still nothing came.

I read the section of Scripture over and over again, pausing after each word to see if other meaning would come. Still nothing was revealed.

I was about to move on, but something held me fast. I could not go on to the next verse. This was an indication there was something that hadn’t surfaced yet. I waited.

I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what was needed from this verse. Then it happened. Like the sun dawning, bright light illuminated the way. The truth of the verse showed itself. I realized what was intended for me. It was stunning.

Never would I have thought this verse would apply to me.  A quick reading and I might have glossed over it. A little frustration could have caused me to move on too quickly. Yet I was obedient to the Holy Spirit and waiting for the insight. And it came!

Be still and know I am God. Let me encourage you to take time with God. Be still. Let the Bible speak to you. Sit through the silence. Wait for further revelation. It will come.

Enjoy your time with God through the study of the Bible. I know I do!

Lord, I thank you for the lesson of waiting for your revelation. Thank you for guiding me in your truth.  Thank you for being patient with me. Help me have patience to wait for your revelation too. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen.

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